California Record Review

In the State of California the Department of Justice started a program where an individual can look up their criminal history otherwise known as a “RAP SHEET”.

This report covers a full lifetime or 99 years.
It only covers criminal history, not driving violations unless they become known as criminal offenses.

The report also covers any arrest record where an individual was processed or booked. If the case was dropped or dismissed the arrest record will show up because a Booking Number was created.
The report will normally have the date of the offense, court where the case was tried, depositions, and what type of crime it was classified as (ie:Misdemeanor or Felony) and or dismissed.
The report is sent from Sacramento to the address that is inputted on the form.
The report normally takes 4 to 10 days but can take longer depending on fingerprint clearance and Department of Justice workload.

This is the link for the form for