Mobile Live Scan

Mobile live scan fingerprinting is the way to go.
Why waste time looking for a location that hopefully has a walk in service or wait a week or more for an appointment.

We have a vast amount of experience in the mobile live scan industry.
We are able to fingerprint 25 to 30 people per hour.
If you have a class of 40 Registered Nurses why make them look for a location? Call us, we can set up in your classroom and in less than 2 hours all students are done and ready to proceed with their application.

We can also fingerprint for 1 to 5 individuals. Prices depend on distance Traveled and type of Live Scan Form.

We have been in the industry since 2000 and our service and speed is unmatched.
If there are any questions you have regarding your Live Scan application feel free to ask us and we can explain why you need it done and what live scan form must be used.

We have fingerprinted large groups in all settings so we can help you establish an appointment time, processing time, and reports after all services are done and a feel good guarantee that all fingerprints are submitted same day. (We will process any rejected fingerprints at no cost.)

We also are able to fingerprint using ink cards, for any amount of people (certain fees apply depending on distance traveled for groups of 5 or less.)
Ink cards are different depending on the state or state agency requesting them.
Please ask the state or state agency if a standard fingerprint card FD-258 is ok or if it must be stamped by the state that the card is for. (This is very important because some states will reject the card for not having that state seal/stamp on the card.)

There are many choices in this industry to choose from.
We here at U.S. Live Scan Inc. understand that making the right choice is hard.
Give us a call and if you are not satisfied with our service we will help you find another company that will.
That is how confident we are about our service.

"Live Scan isn't something that we do as a side business, Live Scan is what we've been doing since 2000... We are able to fingerprint any were in California!"

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