Federal Record Review

Federal Background Checks cover the whole United States.
The fingerprints taken then are used for related arrests, dates of arrest, arrest charge, and the deposition of the arrest.

There are two ways of receiving this record (1) Using the standard FD-258 Fingerprint Card where the applicant sends in the card to the F.B.I. along with an Application Information Form. (The turnaround time is normally 14 to 18 weeks.) 
(2) another way is we can help you with the Process and mail it out to the F.B.I. and have it emailed to us. The email will come in a PDF Form directly from the F.B.I., we then can forward it to the the applicant and or print it for you when it arrives. There will also be a hard copy mailed to the address indicated on the form. (Processing times normally between 2 to 4 weeks).

These types of background checks are also used for work requirements needed to work overseas, travel in a foreign country, and also for attorney review for legal representation.

Identity History Summary Checks — FBI


California Record Review